The economic strategic concept was developed in 2009 – 2011 within the framework of international meetings, conferences and working groups of the Hanseatic Parlia-ment as part of the project BSR-QUICK. Representatives of all countries of the Baltic Sea Region participated in the preparation stage, and namely:

·         Presidents, members of the Board, directors and employees of 47 member chambers and organisations of the Hanseatic Parliament

·         Professors and scientific workers from 15 colleges and universities of the Baltic Sea Academy

·         Representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises

·         Politician, as well as representatives of public administration and economic promotion institutions at the local, regional and national level

·         Secretariat of the Hanseatic Parliament

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Ziele und Strategien zur Entwicklung von Handwerk und Mittelstand im Ostseeraum

Objectives and strategies for the development of Crafts and SMEs in the Baltic Sea Region

Cele i strategie rozwoju rzemiosła oraz małej i średniej rzedsiębiorczości w basenie Morza Bałtyckiego

Цели и стратегии развития малого и среднего бизнесав Балтийском регионе